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General Mechanics and Abilities
Normal and Heroic

Throughout the fight, players and the boss will be affected by Passage of Time. This will change your movement speed, casting speed, attack speed, and cooldown duration.
The tank will take steadily increasing damage as Chronometric Particles stacks higher.
If they reach 9 stacks, they will die and the entire group will take moderate damage from Chronometric Overload.
Avoid the impact locations of Burst of Time.
Avoid the Temporal Orbs as they move across the room.
On Heroic, when affected by Time Bomb move as far away from the group as possible.
Players affected by Time Release will need to be healed as much as possible before it expires to help mitigate the damage the group takes.
Waning Time Particles will spawn periodically.
Chronomate deals damage to whoever is tanking the Particle.
They continually cast Warp Nightwell which deals increasing damage to the group.
This should be interrupted as much as possible. On Heroic, when the Particle reaches 30%, this ability is no longer interruptable.
When killed, they leave behind a Temporal Rift.
Touching a Rift will give you a Temporal Charge, causing increasing damage over time to the affected player.
When Chronomatic Anomaly casts Power Overwhelming it must be interrupted by someone with a Temporal Charge standing inside it.
This will trigger Temporal Smash.
Mythic Differences

Looking at the Dungeon Journal, there doesn't seem to be anything different on Mythic difficulty, besides of course everything hitting harder and having more health.

Healing Strategy
Healing this fight will change between easy and difficult depending on how the flow of time is altering cooldowns and abilities.

On Heroic, be aware of the burst damage from Time Bomb. This shouldn't require and group-healing cooldowns unless the affected player didn't make it far enough away.
Be aware of the raid damage caused by Waning Time Particles if they aren't interrupted.
Whoever picks up Temporal Charge will need additional healing.
The group will take critical damage if Power Overwhelming is not interrupted immediately.
Debuffs to Track
Time Release is a healing absorb that must be healed quickly to prevent excessive group-wide damage.
Temporal Charge causes the affected player to need additional healing.
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#12994851 Jan 16, 2017 at 11:40 PM
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As melee dps it looks to be a cleave/aoe fight.(off add ? or off boss?) so besides the time phases. dodging ground orbs will depend where they spawn and it seems the first set go directly behind each other while the other orbs will spawn in different locations causing you to go in a zig zag pattern to dodge them (prolly can cloak a set of orbs). The Giant fire orbs seem to be a huge splash once they hit the ground and they hit the ground much quicker in the fast phase meaning a personal will prolly be used in case i reacted to slow to get out(maybe a cloak for this might help also).

it seems to get hectic in the fast phase and we'll have two fast phases before a slow phase again (maybe save CDS for fast phase since recovery during that phase is a lot faster) considering from a rogue perspective and maybe the benefits of outlaw also having faster recovery right during adrenaline rush it will prolly be the logical choice being as it covers all bases of what the fight requires.

just thoughts on what i think i'm gonna do / experience.

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#13033918 Oscarzulu wrote:

Quick Time Release WA so you know not to move away from the healers.

ILU BB <3 <3 <3

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Some interesting information from reddit posts.

One thing we did notice after all our attempts is that the 3rd add spawn is staggered, one side always spawns way before the other one. You can tell which will spawn first because there is an orb that shoots from the center down to where the add will spawn, so we had someone call out left or right, then our entire raid moved to the quick spawn.

If your looking to maximize boss DPS for the first set of adds what my guild did was have 19 on one add and 1 tank on the other. This meant we killed the first add right away went up to 8 stacks of PO then moved the boss and raid to the next add that the tank was solo with. This just gives you much more boss uptime and you don't have your DPS having to kill an add then run back to boss. With this strategy we found that we had plenty of time to kill that second add. In fact we would be killing the add around the time the boss just started casting PO with about half our DPS on the add. Afterwards push to 4 stacks on every PO it's not too much to heal the only one that might be hard is the very first PO after the 8 push because no healing CDs.

Here is the log if you want to see how they did it. We might be able to pull this off too.

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#13037170 Feb 03, 2017 at 08:01 AM
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I was actually thinking about this last night. I like the 19 v 1 strat, but the suggestion I would make is this.

First Add Set - Split raid in half and do normally, leave the casters on the side with the boss and give me the hunters and demon hunters (mobile dps on the run classes). Kill quickly like we were doing normally. Stack up for 8 stacks of power overwhelming. When we interupt the boss, DO NOT MOVE back to center of the room where he started at. Stay where we interupted him to give dps the full 15 seconds of 30% increased damage on him. When he goes into power overwhelming the second time, same thing - quick interupt. Stay on boss. Get as much time into the 30% increased damage phase as we can before the 2nd adds spawn.

Second add spawn. - 18 raiders go left. Ranged DPS that can move and dps start cheating towards the left already. Cal/Me go right. From this point on do it how we were doing it last night towards the end.

This change will limit movement at the start of the fight tremendously for classes that have less mobility/dps onthe move abilities. It also will give us more time to lay into the boss during the 30% increased damage bursts. It should give us another 5-8% boss health at the start, which is where we're ended the fight off with our current strat.
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#13037542 Feb 03, 2017 at 11:09 AM
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I think the benefit of "solo"ing one add is that you aren't holding the orb and taking all the extra damage from Temporal Charge.

For example, here is the damage taken for the first pull when we split 50:50 compared to our best pull.

First Pull
Best Pull

I think we just need to limit the amount of time we are in slow time. I got to go pretend to work a little bit but i'll try and come back with some analysis for Temporal Smash casts and such.
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#13037648 Feb 03, 2017 at 12:01 PM
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Overall theres a lot of things we can do better - one thing i was thinking about last night, is on phases where not alot of damage is going out and slow phase isnt an issue we can delay stacks.

I think thats why most guilds us the
3 strat

But i think since we finally have a strat thats working for us the minor change of splitting the group for the first set of adds will probably get us a kill.

Also think Frank and Kuroii are right after digging into it more - the phases are static and have nothing to do with stacks of power overwhelming. We just have to learn to deal with adds during the slow phase and have our 1 tank go out there to interrupt 1 add while we burn the other is the best strat for that.

But since we did finally find a strat that works for us its imperative that our dps goes up,
- Having knowledge of the fight and the foresight of where to be to maximize your dps is paramount positioning is everything - especially as a caster class.
- ARTIFACT TRAITS. Get that shit done, i work 9 hours a day every day and i am at 53 ill be 54 today or tomorrow. Stop giving excuses stop bullshitting and just get it done. You dont need to spam mythics +'s yes they will drastically help, but just doing all the AP World quests on the map - Daily Heroic - Daily BG will yield an acceptable amount of AP per day. ~ a million a day.
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#13037879 Feb 03, 2017 at 01:49 PM
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I was curious if the PO cast are consistent or have anything to do with when TS is cast. So I comparred Swarms kill vs. Our best attempt.

Turns out he starts casting PO at exactly the same time.

Its also interesting to note that you can interrupt his PO while he is still casting it. Looks like Swarm used this to completely avoid any PO damage during certain casts.
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#13037893 Feb 03, 2017 at 01:54 PM
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Yup. When we were doing 1 stacks, there were a few times I interupted mid cast. Great find!
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