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All of this information is from alpha footage! Sooo some of this may change. Grain of salt please.

Here are my notes:

3 Phase encounter that cycles through all three.

When the boss takes damage he will spawn arcane pods near players that will deal ticking damage, basically we rotate around the edge of the room as we are dropping pools.

The boss will periodically cast 'ARCANE SPEAR': This is a Tank mechanic, Damage is split between 2 people the primary target will take a stacking debuff that will increase all damage taken by 10% for each application. It seems with alpha footage this was not a major issue and during the fight this seems to fall off on its own. (Probably not right and will need taunt swaps based on the timing of the debuff)

CAKES - We have to eat all the cakes.. all the time.. or we die.
Pretty self explanatory - will need to split groups up in order to make sure we have full coverage as not only does it apply a debuff that does ticking damage (can be dispelled) and another debuff that lasts a minute which reduces movement speed but will also prevent people from picking them up again.

Random people will get it and you will deal lightning damage to anyone within 12 yards of you.. so like.. go away (que voice line from arcway manastarved bro)

Finally in this phase he casts Cleansing rage - He blows those cakes up, you bastards that didn't eat (no one cares about your diet) just wiped the raid. He will blow up any remaining cakes for 1 million damage to the entire group per cake that is up.

---------------------------------PHASE 2 Maniac Phase ------------------------------------

Will now do something called Mana Rupture - he goes nutts and casts more spears on the tanks and applies a chain on people that will force them to stack otherwise you will die. (Basically were just going to stack on this POS for the entirety of this phase. Makes things easier to heal and prevents random deaths.)

----Searing Bombs - Players must stack for this.
Constant light ticking damage throughout the fight.

(most likely lusting for this)

--- Annihilation:
Think last boss in BRH - casts a very pretty purple line splitting the room in half BONUS HE SOMETIMES CHANGES DIRECTIONS RANDOMLY!!! (-oh snap son- they're changing shit on us man)

best to stack right on top of him in the middle either right or left .

--------------------------------- PHASE 3 Caretaker mode-------------------------------

No more tank spears to face.

- TIDY UP: Robots will now go around and clean out the room
- Drops something called SUCCULENT FEASTS (I think 3) which provides a big absorption shield

If any of these Robots eats a Cake they get clogged and will start timing down and eventually explode for a crap ton of damage raid wide. Thats where this absorb shield from the feasts come in.. we have one of our dps pick this up and jump on the robot (think iron juggernaught from SOO)

As long as we are keeping up with the cakes this shouldn't happen but just in case we have a plan!!
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#12994880 Jan 17, 2017 at 12:03 AM
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this looks so melee unfriendly but the hitbox will be the factor for this but im sure it will be huge! Saving movement cds might be a thing to do and go get a cake and using a gap closer to get back on the boss. arcane pools will be a bitch since they do damage if you are over them. as a melee im gonna have to premptively move for sterilize just in case 3 melee get targeted at the same time RNG be good! Jumping on scrubbers like goomba stomping from mario / siege of ogrimmarr iron juggernaut bombs will be a thing again(prolly save movement CDS for this if im assigned to kill them). keeping arcing bonds close should be easy as melee since were on top of boss.
seems like just eat the cakes and dodge annihilation and stick to his side to make sure I dont die as melee(sin will be good here it seems).
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#13030442 Jan 31, 2017 at 04:34 PM
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#13032679 Feb 01, 2017 at 01:40 PM
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Thanks for linking the proper bird guides. They make both CA and Tril look much easier to handle. I've written down the order of the CA fight in terms of phases/interupts for tanks and that will be super helpful. Looking forward to tonight!
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#13035624 Feb 02, 2017 at 03:24 PM
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Quick observations;

  • We need to be sure to keep the middle clear. Dont go directly through the middle circle for anything. Skirt the top and bottom.
  • Everyone needs to eat a cake, EVERYONE.
  • If you have sterilize stand next to the scrubbers.
  • Keep the adds purged/spell stolen and depending on our DPS we may only need to focus the first add.
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