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3 Phase Encounter, Frost, Fire, and then Arcane. Remember these words in this order:
Replicate - Detonate - Animate.

She casts Annihilate: This is a frontal cone that is split between 2 targets, the actual tank that has the highest threat will receive a 75% increased physical damage debuff that lasts for 1.5 min's. Taunt on 2 (according to alpha footage)
This is going to last the entire fight.

First is Frost:
Spread 8 yards apart, there will be a designated location behind the ranged to stack if you receive a debuff called Mark of Frost.

Keep 8 yards apart, this debuff will explode around you and increase in damage via stacks 100% per stack, These stacks can be removed if you collide with another player that also has these stacks. (fatboss says 3-4)

Here comes the tricky part - REPLICATE: Now a bunch of people will have the Mark of Frost debuff, go to designated location and stay 8 yards apart. Same deal 3-4 stacks and remove. I will probably mark areas for 2 people to be on at a time. keep in mind its up to you to be with only one other person. If everyone does this randomly you will wipe as when you Remove These Stacks you deal Raid Wide Damage!!! (Caps to emphasis importance f-off grammar Nazis.)

DETONATE: the debuff will expire and leave frost pools that will slow and deal ticking damage if standing on them.

ANIMATE: Those patches will spawn Frost elemental per pool. These elementals need to be killed asap they will have a cast and when gone off will create a giant frost circle, Anyone LEAVING or ENTERING This newly created frost circle will freeze and DIE!!!!!!!! Trick to this is to remain calm and continue killing them asap. If you're in the circle when its going off stand in it.. if not dont enter it.


new debuff Searing Brand:
- Casts a debuff on targeted player that will create a line that will post an image of the boss that will 'charge' towards them, No one should be in this line or the path from those debuffed players and the boss (Probably use the same location as the frost debuffs for this)
More people with brand = more lines = wut?!. For this make SURE you are spread 8 Yards apart for this, i will explain on the animate phase why.

DETONATE - Leaves fire patches

ANIMATE - Spawns Fire Adds
If these adds are within 8 yards of each other they will buff each other and blow us the F up. The reason why we want people with the debuff to spread 8 yards prematurely is because this way we can position these adds in a way where they are close enough to be AOE'd / Cleaved down as best we can
DO NOT INTERRUPT THESE ADDS!!!!! They can be moved - we dont want them moved unless otherwise necessary!! Keep them where they are and blow them up.


Summons Arcane orbs around the room
REPLICATE - More orbs
DETONATE - Orbs will drop on a specified location and blow up when landing - you take less damage the further you are away from the explosion (its minimal)
ANIMATE - These adds are the worst, we have 30 seconds to burn them, they cannot be interrupted stunned or otherwise stopped from casting their ability which will otherwise Wipe the raid.

Strat for this phase is to simply stack all the DETONATE explosions as close as we can - as a group well group up , use a healing CD to survive the explosion and as a group move away one by one as they start falling from the sky making sure that the arcane pools left behind will be as close to one another as possible. We will then (once animated) Blow them the fuck up.

And then ... repeat until boss dies.

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I'd like to point out that this is not want to keep them interrupted as much as possible.

Maybe this strategy was from PTR/Beta testing.
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I know we arent trying to change the strat constantly, but one thing I think is a really good idea from the serenity video is passing the first set of mark of frost really quickly so you can insure that the people in the first soak group get the debuff and dont get selected for replicate.

Though we were finally handling it pretty well towards the end, so /shrug.
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