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Krosus is pretty straight forward:

Big DPS check Krosus' primary mechanic is that he will destroy the bridge as the fight goes on making this a dps race to kill him before we run out of space on the bridge.

- Fel Brand: Tank gets a debuff that lasts 8 seconds, during the duration of this debuff the tank will drop small pools that will explode. Tanks will need to taunt swap on this debuff and the existing tank will need to run in a small circle on the platform so that they dont kill themselves - also MELEE STAY AWAY FROM THE BRO!!

The boss will also cast something called Slam:
- Slam will cast 2 circles on the ground - tanks need to stand in these to avoid raid wide damage. Youre basically sponges for this dudes fists.

EVERYONE: Every third slam he will remove part of the bridge, Based on the footage linked and my own personal testing as melee - you need to start moving as soon as this cast starts happening - its very quick and you will most likely fall off the bridge resulting in one shotting yourself.

ORB OF DESTRUCTION: Throws an orb at a player that will land after 5 seconds. This damage is reduced based on how far away you are from its landing. Just run to the back of the bridge. (you dont have to go to Narnia but you should try and get far)

FEL BEAM: Right or left beams that should be avoided - he will raise his arms up and cast them at random*(not entirely sure its random as testing in beta and fatboss seems to indicate that its right left right left in a pattern)

BURNING PITCH: Boss throws out fire on the ground that if not soaked will spawn an add. during the early parts of the phase it will be difficult to reach as i was seeing some of these patches spawn in the very back of the bridge. They dont deal a ton of damage so i think just multi dot classes swapping to them will be enough. As the bridge gets smaller it will be much easier to soak.

Thats about it.
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