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this is a 2 phase encounter that cycles between the 2 throughout the fight until he is dead.

Mechanics - DEBUFFS:
CARRION PLAGUE - This debuffs a player that takes high ticking damage, while this player has this debuff Tichondrius will target that player and cast SEEKERS SWARM, this shoots a wave of energy toward that player and anyone hit by this wave will also get CARRION PLAGUE - most likely resulting in a wipe.

For this were going to designate a side of the room for carrion plague players to stand in - ALONE - so as not to debuff the entire raid.

BRAND OF ARGUS - Places a circle around a player trhat can be removed when a clump of players stand in it, when triggered will deal aoe damage and a small knockback to people within 8 yards of the player. This damage is reduced the further you are away from the target. This debuff is important and can overlap with the phase changes so we need to remove this quickly, well assign players (ranged) to get rid of this debuff asap.

FEAST OF BLOOD - This is a debuff that will go on the tank that will will apply a 15% physical damage taken increase on the player (TAUNT SWAP) and also spawn blood ichor adds. The important part about this is the Aura that tichondrius has that will provide leech to adds within 30 yards when they deal damage. The strat suggested is to have these adds pulled away by the tank that received the debuff +30 yards away and killed immediately. We may change this depending on what we see live, the health pools may have been adjusted and we may be able to stun and burn these down in a rotation. During our testing they spawned very quickly and was probably the hardest part about this encounter as with the group we tested with we kept getting more and more adds and didn't have time to even touch the boss until phase 2 happened. I recently viewed PTR footage and they seemed fine with just aoe'ing them down on the boss.. so only way to find out is to see it for ourselves.

Boss will cast a channeling spell that will aoe the whole raid for ~8 seconds - before he does this he will spawn pillars we can use to LOS this spell, otherwise you will most likely die. pretty simple - get behind the pillars, but make sure we use all the pillars as they Absorb the damage based on how many players are behind each pillar - if too many are stacked on the same pillar it will be destroyed prematurely and wipe that group of people.

PHASE 2 ----------------

We go into a shadow realm - kill bat adds and dodge a line nuke that will deal damage and stun.
This phase is like a recovery regeneration phase. The adds (bats) need to be killed and when they die they drop a buff that increases Damage/Healing/provides 2% mana.

Based on our needs and the fact that as soon as we transition back to phase 1 new adds spawn well prioritize (for now) DPS to pick these up.

BACK TO PHASE 1 ---------------
New adds spawn - Night born bro's.
Need to be killed ASAP - They apply a terrible debuff to the tank that makes him/her take MORE damage and at the same time when it expires leaves a pool of damage on the ground that will last 90 seconds TANKS MAKE SURE YOU MONITOR THIS DEBUFF SO THAT YOU DROP THEM ON THE EDGES OF THE ROOM.
Add that needs to be prioritized above all others - SIGHTLESS WATCHERS -
These will apply a debuff every 6 seconds on to HEALERS that will drain their mana until dispelled - HOWEVER -When dispelled will deal a large amount of damage in an aoe to anyone within 8 yards - Healers, once phase 2 ends spread out in the back of the room for safety so that this can be dispelled asap.

More than likely were going to get carrion swarmed again, have to deal with the brand, AND ICHORS!! So ADDS > BOSS ALWAYS - Well bring them to the same place as we do with Ichors because of the vamp aura Tichondrius provides.
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So one of the big things I noticed is that we can either choose to break brands, or SAVE them but that would require us to have an excellent bat phase so we don't have people standing on those with brands and breaking them. Because in Mythic, they'll leave a pool, and a pool in the middle of the room is not good. However, they didn't save them for their kill(since it requires a lot more precise execution), but instead they broke them, having 5 people on the right and 5 people on the left to easily break them as they go.

Then one of the things they did is putting everyone who has the Seeker Swarm debuff in a line, and since it penetrates, put a Rogue(or any class with an invuln[Pally, Hunter off the top of my head]) in between the boss and everyone else. If he is between the boss and for example, 5 people are behind him, he can cloak the swarm and absorb everyone's debuff so the 5 people behind don't get it, leaving him being the only one. Rogues are particularly good because they can use Feint to reduce the debuff's damage heavily.

Other things I noticed is they wait for SIX bloods and then AoE them down, but having spot heals on the tank who is tanking them because six bloods is a lot of damage lol.

And of course, everyone needs the bat buff or they die.

This is what I've noticed from the video that I feel like I could confidently summarize. IMO this can be a solid choice for a 6th boss since with gear, it makes the fight a whole lot easier, from what I've heard. And our Botanist mechanics as a whole have a lot left to be desired, but this is a suggestion, officers make the final call.
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Dont Release WA:

+1 just for this
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