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Hose / May 13, 2017 / Guild News
After a much needed and long discussion with myself Ifro Spark Mx - I Have decided i will no longer be raiding.
I wont give you a long detailed explanation im sure everyone has heard it before
- Stress, work and game related
- Health issues related to stress
- Animosity to those i enjoy playing with

But it is what it is. I know this comes at a bad time - but i did not want to leave everyone in a position where they are unable to find a guild, in my mind i wanted everyone to have the capability to continue raiding elsewhere before a major Tier has been released, a lot of guilds are recruiting - high end ones especially.

I just hope you guys can forgive me and understand that i hold no animosity towards anyone, its just something i have to do to improve my life. This is after all a game.

Ifro will also be stepping away from the game, he no longer finds this game fun.
This in essence kills the guild.
Talking with Mx and Spark with this void in leadership there is no coming back. I have decided to keep the guild, as i have a lot of attachment behind it.

I will be on Team speak for a few days so i can discuss with anyone who wants to talk with me, or any questions. Please reach out to me for a refund of your donations as well - we have a list and ill go through it with you.
Hose / Jun 30, 2016 / Guild News

Its been so much fun! I appreciate all of you! We couldn't have achieved what we set out to do without everyone putting forth all their effort! We have a great team and I look forward to seeing you all in legion!

3 years since I started this guild and I love what weve been able to accomplish, Through thick and thin our raiders have come through and weve strived and achieved all our goals! See you all August 30th! Hang out in Team-speak were all playing overwatch and some of us are still trying to farm archimonde mounts!!